COMPONENT 1: Implementation of a financial facility to support the development of fair-trade value chains and protect biodiversity (€2.5 million)

This first component’s purpose is to provide support for the producers’ organisations, to help them finance and implement several activities, such as strengthening their technical, organisational or commercial capacity or contributing to preserve biodiversity.


This support will be implemented through a call for grant proposal, targeting fair trade certified (Fairtrade, WFTO and Ecocert labels are eligible) producers’ organisations, national platforms or NGOs, if committed to fair trade enhancement. The importance given to side issues such as environment or gender equality will be one of the criteria for the selection of the projects. The type of actions that can be financed through this facility are diversified: technical assistance services, training and awareness raising, specific studies or pilot operations, or financing small materials or equipment.


A total of about 20 projects will be funded by this facility, for amounts ranging from 50,000 to 250,000€, with a co-financing rate of at least 25%.

COMPONENT 2: institutional strengthening of fair trade PO’s networks of representatives in West Africa (€ 1, 2 millions)

This second component of the project aims to strengthen and to facilitate the creation of national fair trade platforms in the participating countries (development of action plans, animation of working groups). An important part of this support is directly related to Fairtrade Africa – West Africa Networks (FTA-WAN) and aims to reinforce this organisation in its role as sub-regional role.


This component will be structured around 5 main axes:

  • Structuring and strengthening the FTA-WAN network

  • Supporting the creation of new national platforms

  •  Improving and disseminating fair trade norms avec labels

  • Exchanging of existing practices between fair trade organisations from South America, Asia and West and Southern Africa 

COMPONENT 3: Follow up, monitoring and evaluation (€0,2 million)

This component will be focused on 3 main objectives:

  • Developing monitoring methods in order to measure the environmental impacts of implemented actions (component n°1)

  • Carrying out a study of the development potential of certified trade South/South and, in the long run, an actions plan to exploit it

  • Assessing 2 evaluations of the project by an external organisation: the first one during the project and the other one at the end

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