The purpose of the Equité program is to contribute to the sustainable economic development of West African countries in order to fight against poverty and strengthen family agriculture. This will be possible through a support to already existing fair trade initiatives, that are set up by producers’ organisations, unions, or NGOs, and whose purpose are to improve the producer’s living standards.

The program has 4 main objectives:


1. To support the structuring of producers’ organizations (POs) in southern countries and sectors in which they operate, through the development of fair trade;

2. To test the potential of South-South fair trade sectors of development;

3. To strengthen the role of producers’ organizations (POs) in the governance of international fair trade guarantee systems and labels;

4. To enhance the readability of fair trade as a tool for sustainable development and in particular the preservation of biodiversity.

The project will focus on 5 major value chains, with known fair trade opportunities: cocoa, shea, cashew nuts, fruits and handcrafts. 5 West African countries are targeted: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali and Togo.

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